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Chalker Group

You connect them to the position.

We connect them to the city.

The men and women you recruit seek more than a job; they seek a home. I grew up in south Alabama and spent about 30 years in New York before moving to Birmingham. I love living here but understand that Birmingham can be a hard city for people to get to know on a “first date,” much less see as their “home” town. The idea for Chalker Group sprang from that understanding. At Chalker, we show recruits how Birmingham is relevant to them, and, in doing so, help employers bring the best and brightest to our community.

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We help personalize your recruiting process.

When it comes to the city in which we live, each of us has unique needs and desires. At Chalker Group, we take the time to understand in detail those needs and desires for your top-level recruits. We craft a distinctive, personalized experience designed to show them how Birmingham fits their needs. This personalized approach to introducing recruits to their potential new home both welcomes and informs. Most important of all – it greatly increases the odds of a successful hire for you and a smooth transition for your candidate.

  • Senior VP of Medicine and Dean, UAB School of Medicine

    Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D.

    “Chalker Group has created a national model for us to sell Birmingham, dispel myths and create a venue where people can understand that this is a great place to be.”

  • Chairman, Department of Surgery, UAB

    Herbert Chen, M.D.

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Chalker Group as a Recruit and a Recruiter. We had concerns about Birmingham but Chalker showed us the true side of this wonderful city. We were ready to move to UAB after spending time with them. As the chair of the UAB Department of Surgery, we have numerous recruiting opportunities, and we have successfully landed our top recruits due to Chalker’s help.”

  • VP / Associate Broker, Harbert Realty Services, Inc.

    Casey Howard

    “Chalker Group was an absolute game-changer for my family. While we knew UAB was the perfect career opportunity for my husband, we were unsure about the opportunity for the rest of our family. Chalker Group stepped in and connected us to the resources we needed to make the move to Birmingham successful, including a new career for me, housing, childcare, schools...you name it.”

  • Executive VP of Business Development, Summer Classics

    Greg Goetcheus

    “Having moved professionally multiple times, I have come to accept that job relocation is an uncertain time. The curated Chalker experience exposed me to Birmingham and expertly showcased how the city matched my unique interests and needs. Great stewardship!”


People rarely make career decisions alone. Partner career transitions are a vital element in the recruiting process as well, and one that presents its own unique challenges. This is why we created CONNECTbirmingham.


Through strong, carefully curated relationships across a broad range of professions, CONNECTbirmingham provides high-level professional and personal contacts to assist in the career transition of your recruit’s significant other.

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Your Chalker Team

In order to create a bespoke, curated experience unique to each of your top-level recruits, Chalker builds a custom team of professionals – each with specific areas of expertise – who will serve as curators and ambassadors of the Chalker experience. We pride ourselves on the diversity and breadth of experience of our team members.


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