Our Services


Chalker creates an individualized introduction to Birmingham for key candidates based on the personal needs and interests of the recruit and his/her family. This can range from job networking for a recruit’s spouse to arranging lunch with a local community leader. However granular the need, interest or concern, we want to address it.

Chalker’s comprehensive and highly personalized services for key candidates communicate how much the prospective employer values them, making a powerful impression on recruits.



Getting off to a great start is critical to the success of any relocation. Chalker contributes to higher retention rates by connecting candidates with the contacts and resources they need to begin building meaningful lives in Birmingham.

We also are a long-term resource for recruits who often continue to call on us after starting work here, perhaps for assistance with a spouse’s job change, a child’s application to a new school, or a recommendation for a veterinarian.

Finally, as a trusted third party involved in the recruitment, Chalker is frequently able to assist with issues that may arise after relocation.



The logistics of bringing a high level recruit to town for a meaningful, sometimes multi-day visit are challenging to even the most seasoned institutions. Our team helps employers develop successful recruitment programs, including training employers’ recruiting staff in best practices to ensure a smooth, successful visit.


While we knew UAB was the perfect career opportunity for my husband, we were unsure about the opportunity for the rest of our family. Chalker Group stepped in and connected us to the resources we needed to make the move to Birmingham successful, including a new career for me, housing, childcare, schools…you name it.

Casey Howard

VP/Broker, Harbert Retail

I have had the pleasure of working with Chalker Group as a recruit and a recruiter. We had concerns about Birmingham but Chalker showed us the true side of this wonderful city. We were ready to move to UAB after spending time with them. As the chair of the UAB Department of Surgery, we have numerous recruiting opportunities, and we have successfully landed our top recruits due to Chalker’s help.

Herbert Chen, M.D.

Chair, Department of Surgery, UAB Heersink School of Medicine

Having moved professionally multiple times, I have come to accept that job relocation is an uncertain time. The curated Chalker experience exposed me to Birmingham and expertly showcased how the city matched my unique interests and needs. Great stewardship!

Greg Goetcheus

President, Summer Classics and Gabby

Chalker Group has created a national model for us to sell Birmingham, dispel myths and create a venue where people can understand that this is a great place to be.

Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D.

Former SVP for Medicine and Dean, James C. Lee Jr. Endowed Chair, UAB Heersink School of Medicine; CEO, UAB Health System; CEO, UAB/Ascension St. Vincent’s Alliance